Frequently asked questions

Answers to waste's harder questions….

  • If you make a booking online and then need to cancel, this is absolutely fine.  When the payment clears are account which can take upto 7 days we can reverse the payment and get it paid back to you, this however can take upto 10-14 days after the funds have cleared our account.  Contact one of our team one of our team at accounts@faheyskips.co.nz

  • We deliver as far North as Amberley, as far South as Leeston, as far West as Horrorata and as far East as Charteris Bay (additional charges apply outside Christchurch surburban areas).  Download a map here.  

    For more information, get in touch with our friendly team.

  • Find out more about the sizes of our skips here, or get in touch with our friendly team.

  • Most skips have a weight limit which you can see below, be aware of the volume and weight you are putting in, so you don’t go overweight.  We have high Health and Safety standards which means if the skip is overloaded, we won’t be able to take it away as items may fly away whilst in transport.  This ensures we are keeping you and the public safe whilst keeping well within the law.  When you go over the top, you must stop!

    If you are paying by weight, then you can fit what you can as long as you don't overload the skip.

  • There will be an extra charge applied per kilo above the agreed weight.  If paying by credit card, a hold is placed on the card and we will charge the additional weight.  If paying by cash or direct credit, we will invoice you for the remaining amount.

  • You will have up to two weekends to fill your skips or 10 days, after that there is small charge for the hire of the skip of $10 per day.

    If paying by credit card, a hold is placed on the card and we will charge the hireage, if required.  If paying by cash or direct credit, we will invoice you for the remaining amount.

  • Of course, you can mix garden waste with general waste, just be aware for fixed price skips you might creep over with heavier items.

  • Not really a great option, as hardfill is generally heavier and might hit you in the pocket, a few wheelbarrow loads is fine though.

  • Yes, there are prohibited items that are not allowed in our skips.  Find out what you are and aren't allowed for each of the General Waste, Green Waste and Hardfill.

  • Check our booking form for prices, each skip size and waste type are different in costs.  If you require information about specific needs or want to setup an account, please get in touch with our friendly team.

  • We accept all major credit cards, cash on delivery, direct credit before delivery or become an account holder.

  • When making your booking, let us know in the notes where you would like the skip placed so it is convenient for you to load, and we will pass on this detail to the driver.  This means you don’t have to be there when our friendly team drop off the skip.

    It takes a bit of muscle power to drop off and collect skips, so be aware that our trucks are pretty wide (2.4mtrs) and pretty long (8mtrs when skip gantry is fully extended), with this in mind we can get into most places but please be considerate when choosing your skip placement.

  • Unfortunately, you are responsible for what goes into the skip after we have made the delivery, so be mindful of where you place the skip and who has access.

  • When booking, tell us whether you prefer morning or afternoon delivery and we will try and cater as best as possible.

  • Fahey Skip and Waste are more than happy to place the skip on the berm, provided you have the correct permission from the council.  Please follow the link for more details https://ccc.govt.nz/transport/legal-road/temporary-use-of-legal-road.

  • We prefer you not to move the skips as they are a valuable asset.  If they are moved to an awkward position on site, we may not be able to get our vehicle close by to collect.  Please get in touch with our friendly team.

  • Absolutely - give us a call on 0800 754 787 or email us at info@faheyskips.co.nz and we will do our best to cater to your needs.